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Creating companions one paw print at a time.

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Iowa Licensed and Inspected-#9456

Meet the Heart of Willowbranch Canine Companions


I'm Mikki, and I've been nurturing canine companions since the fall of 1999. My love for dogs ignited during my childhood, thanks to my English Mastiff who became my closest confidant. In 1999, we embraced a countryside lifestyle, coinciding with the launch of my veterinary technician career. Fueled by my unwavering passion for dogs, I decided to raise them – an endeavor triggered by my irresistible attachment. Initially Boxers, Pugs, and Standard Poodles shared my journey, and more recently, I've welcomed a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain Dog, laying the foundation to introduce a variety of doodle breeds.

This passion is a shared endeavor with my husband, as we devote our entire lives to our dogs. Around the clock, we cater to their every need, driven by an unwavering devotion. Our love for each and every one of these furry companions is boundless, and our ultimate goal is to enrich their lives in every possible way. Our commitment revolves around breeding not just pets, but true companions, characterized by robust health and impeccable temperaments – perfect additions to your family.


Pawsitive Praises: What Our Clients Say About Us

"I have always wanted a black standard poodle. When I found Mikki and seen the adoreable pups she had I was beyond excited. Mikki has beautiful, healthy, well cared for and loved puppies. I highly recommend Willowbranch Canine Companions and will definately get another puppy from here if the time comes."

-Mel Rose

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